Hey well this is my first blog update so excuse me why I screw it up.I over exaggerate on a lot of things but that’s okay. I bet you do too. This blog is going to be all about things you need to know,or things that are important that nobody pays attention too.I’ll pretty much show you many,many things such as people,songs,movies,etc. Whoever wants to watch Scream 4 this will be the very first website that will have that movie on here. Other movies that will be put on here is, Insidious,My soul to take,American Pie:The book of love,and that’s it for now.If theres any other movies that you want to see that you can’t find online and your parents won’t let you rent it,contact me from my AIM,email,or leave me a comment.

**COOL PEOPLE TO LOOK UP** Alex Evans,he has a WordPress,look up AlexEvans.net,he has pictures,he posts,he’s one of the beautiful human beings that I know,well I don’t personally know him,but I read his posts,and look at his pictures like a stalker.

I’ll also post music that is amazing,I’ll recommend every kind of music so I don’t discriminate against one person.For now,I’m not going to post anymore music until later in the week so I can get a hang of this place. So yeah. That’s it for now.

Heres to our new beginning :3


About framinghanley12

I'm 14 years old. I live in a place called Prattville. I'm in Highschool,9th grade. Freshmen,class of 2014 whoop,whoop. I'm a very sarcastic person so excuse me. Hehe.. If you have any questions or want to know something talk to me on AIM or email me. :D
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